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ONE TIME $47 OFFER: Finally, discover how you can transition for the basleine to the net with ease so that you can knock off volleys and overheads that will demoralize your opponents. Learn the precise transition footwork secrets that no-one else can show you. The lift and the land, the outside hop, the carioca, the run thru and many more footwork patterns will give you the clarity you need to perfect your footwork when you want to come to the net. Get the Transition Footwork Secrets and learn the big ideas, the key moves, the common mistakes you're making, slo motion action, clear powerful lesson and drills, bonuses and so much more. This is a one time offer only on this page.

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 Steve,North Carolina
Hi, Jeff! I took the plunge and purchased your volley solution. I am amazed with the total amount of material and detail that you provide. I feel these represent an outstanding bargain, for the quality and sheer amount of instruction which you give.
I foresee purchasing future instruction packages, and can heartily recommend others do so, without reservations...they WILL get more than their money's worth of value. Thanks again!” 
 Chelsea, 5.0 North Carolina
The Tennis Volley Solution is absolutely jam-packed with tons of information! There is zero wasted time. Jeff gets right to the point in each video, concisely explaining exactly what you need to do to improve your volleys. From technique, to footwork, to targets, this program is the most comprehensive course on any stroke I have ever seen. Jeff is willing to disclose the tricks of the trade that only the pros know... He explains so many concepts that are applicable to your entire game, not just your volleys. I HIGHLY recommend you invest in the Tennis Volley Solutions!
 David, 4.5 Player, San Diego, CA
Your new Tennis Volley Solution course proves again that you are a true student of the game. I put these new concepts into practice on the court, and I saw an immediate improvement in both my forehand and backhand volley. I proceeded to share these new concepts with a few of my private students. I was blown away how quickly they were able to implement the concepts and see improvements as well. This course is a valuable addition to the wealth of information that you have shared with all of us over the years.

 Maria, PTR Tennis Coach, Boston
The Tennis Volley Solution IS THE BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER SEEN For The Volleys. It explains ALL THE DETAILS on how to hit the different kinds of volleys. THIS IS AWESOME FOR ME... After watching these videos, I cannot wait to share it with all my team! My team is going to rock their volleys!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH JEFF!!

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